When it comes time to start planning your senior pictures, a significant factor comes into play – what to wear! Senior picture outfit ideas from a professional high school senior photographer might be exactly what you need.

Whether you are a senior girl planning your photoshoot or even a junior looking ahead to create amazing senior pictuers, what you will wear for your senior photoshoot will determine largely how your photos will look like.  

This article will guide you through many amazing senior picture outfit ideas and tips that every girl should know, and some of these ideas you might not have considered before. Our high school senior picture ideas will leave you with beautiful photos that you will cherish for years to come.

What are those ideas, you might ask?

Let’s break it down! Step by step, we will guide you through your decision on the best senior picture outfits: from choosing the best colors, patterns, and amazing wardrobe pieces to our favorite websites to shop for senior picture outfits.

We will finish with the advice on the final touches for your photoshoot look, like hair, makeup, and nails. At the end of the article, you will feel confident and inspired to create your own sophisticated and modern look for senior pictures.  

Plan Your Senior Outfits Ahead

Senior picture outfits are something that many girls start planning months in advance in preparation for their photoshoot. They usually create a board with the best senior trends they’d like to recreate or get inspiration from bloggers on Instagram.

It is a great place to start planning your senior outfits and get a sense of what outfit style appeals to you. However, when it is time to narrow down your options to a couple of best senior outfits, you need to go back to basics take the most critical look at various senior picture outfit ideas.

In 5 easy steps, we will guide you to the best outfit decision for your senior pictures. We do this because every girl deserves to look back at their senior pictures without cringing over an outfit choice and feel confident in their photos.


Have you thought about where you want your pictures taken? Some outfits look better in certain areas, and not so much in others. That is what we are here for you!

From the downtown of a city to the beautiful fields, every style of clothes looks better in particular photoshoot locations. With that in mind, let your photographer know where you want your senior pictures taken. Then they can brainstorm your senior outfit ideas with you. 


Deciding which color to wear is the most important decision when it comes to styling for your senior photoshoot. Despite the basic rules of what colors look best for different skin tones, seniors should always wear colors they feel comfortable in.

A few colors to consider for your senior outfit ideas are neutral, muted, or specific vibrant colors. We usually prefer solid color senior outfits for pictures because they look more elevated and less distracting. 

However, you should not overlook patterns altogether. They can still contribute to a great high school senior photoshoot, as you can see in the pictures above. 


Wearing neutral colors with a beautiful background for your photoshoot simply makes your pictures look elegant and timeless. Some neutral color options are black, grey, white, and cream colors like tan or light brown. 

Black is one of the colors every senior girl likes. It is effortless and also comforting, especially when it comes to new experiences like a professional photoshoot.

White looks classy and sophisticated. It stands out great and reflects light onto your skin very well, which is what we love. It looks amazing with water pictures. 

Cream colors guarantee a polished look during your senior photoshoot and make your clothing pieces stand out without taking too much attention from you.


When it comes to choosing a muted color, it could be any solid color choice as long as it is subtle. Our favorites for senior picture outfits are light blue, blush, or lavender. These colors are perfect for nature-inspired senior pictures at the garden, park, lake and the beach, where you can pull them off any time of the year. 


We always see celebrities wearing vibrant colors, and they do it well. If you wonder if bright colors would look great in your senior pictures, the answer is always “YES!” If you already have a bold color in mind that you already love wearing, share it with your  photographer before you make an outfit choice, just in case.

It might make or break the senior photoshoot or might be hard to work with, so having your photographer make a final call would be a good idea. Our favorite bold colors are red and yellow.

Colors that look great on everyone’s skin tone are blush, black and red. When in doubt, choose one of these colors, at least for one of your senior picture outfits.

You know what looks best with your hair and skin tones, so plan towards whatever makes you the most confident! The monochromatic trend everyone is talking about is easy yet sophisticated, and we encourage our seniors to shop with it in mind. 


When you know your senior photo location and colors that would work best for it, it’s time to decide what wardrobe pieces to wear. Here are several ideas to choose from. 

Dresses our favorite senior picture outfit choice! We encourage our seniors to have at least two or three outfits planned, and we believe one of those should be a dress.

There are so many different style dresses to choose from, but our absolute favorite is the maxi dress! Maxi dresses have a beautiful flow and allow there to be movement in pictures. 

Are maxi dresses not your style? That’s okay! If you prefer a mini or midi dress, wear it!
Regardless of which style you end up choosing, having a dress in the lineup for your senior picture outfits is always a good idea.

It gives you a classic senior portrait that you will look at in the future and still love because wearing a dress in your senior pictures is timeless.


Did you think to yourself after reading the last section, “Dresses are not for me…”? That’s okay because they aren’t for everyone! If you feel more comfortable and confident in a romper or jumpsuit, that is another excellent option for one of your senior picture outfit ideas.

A romper is a casual one-piece outfit that consists of attached shorts and a blouse. It will make you feel more flexible and allow you to have more fun during a senior photoshoot than a short dress would.

Jumpsuit, on the other hand, is more formal and with longer pants than a romper. It can elongate your body and look very flattering in pictures. Which one would you rather wear? 


This is our FAVORITE part. Is there an accessory that is your staple piece, or do you have an accessory that completes your outfit? Here’s an idea – wear it with one of your senior picture outfits!

We love when our seniors ask, “Is it okay if I bring a hat?” The answer to that is always “YES!”

Another accessory for your senior photoshoot could be sunglasses! Suppose you want to go for that “Instagram blogger style look” as an inspiration for your senior pictures.

Why not add your favorite pair of sunglasses that is an essential element to your high school senior outfit! We don’t want all of your portraits to have sunglasses in them because we want to see your face, but it is an option to consider for your senior picture outfit ideas.

Do you have any vintage accessories that are important to you? If so, then we want you to consider those as a part of your senior outfit ideas.

Whether it is a necklace from an older relative or a trendy pair of sunglasses your mom wore that is coming back in style, adding that special accessory makes your senior pictures more unique, but more importantly, even more special!

Jennifer Abney Photography always encourages practicing with your accessories (including shoes) before your shoot. We want to make sure you like the look and are comfortable with everything. 


So do you already have your outfit already in mind? You, of all people, know your personality and the best ways to express yourself! Now is the time to go shopping.

Here are places senior girls like to shop for their picture outfits: Revolve, Free People, Reformation, ASOS, Zara, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, and Amazon Fashion.

If you, like most of our high school seniors, prefer shopping online, we recommend that you shop for several outfits for one look at once. For example, if you decided to wear a blue maxi dress for your senior pictures, order several styles or sizes.

This way you can choose the style or size that works best without having to wait for another order to arrive. You can always return wardrobe pieces that did not work.

Basically, only YOU know what you will want. Make sure you are comfortable, you are you and you relax while having fun. This will be images that are hung on your, your parents and your family members walls forever. Why not embrace this moment?

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