How To Make Sure Those School Pictures Are Amazing

I get asked all the time if I have tips on how to make sure kids are ready for their school pictures. Below are some tips and tricks I have learned from not only myself, but other photographers over the years. 

1. Practice Smiling

One thing that a lot of kids struggle with is their smile. A lot of the time, I will see school photos and they are so goofy! While this is not necessarily a bad thing, if you do want a picture of them actually smiling, a good tip might be to practice. As they say, practice makes perfect and hopefully, if you snap a few pictures at home to get your kids used to the camera (if they are not already used to it), then you will end up with some fantastic pictures of your children smiling. 

2. Don't Make Huge Changes To Their Looks

Your kids might be tempted to get a drastic new “do” the day before the photo shoot, but I highly recommend that you make them hold off on any major changes to their natural, everyday look until after they have had their pictures taken for the yearbook. A few things to consider other than the crazy hair cuts would be trying out a new face wash or acne cream (depending on the age, of course — the issue with this is that it could make their faces look red), putting on “picture makeup,” or changing their clothes up too much.

3. Play Up Colors

When it comes to colors, while you do not want anything too crazy and out there, definitely take advantage of the beautiful colors that compliment their skin tones and eye colors. When it comes to darker colors, Our Everyday Life says, “Medium-to-dark shades of blue, burgundy, purple, orange and green look good in professional pictures, as these colors won’t blend into your skin and will highlight your face. When choosing a top, consider your coloring. If you have a warm skin tone (yellow or olive undertones), a warm shade like orange or red is a smart choice. People with cool coloring (pink undertones) will be complemented in clothing from the cool end of the spectrum, like turquoise or emerald-green.” For patterned vs. solid colors, she says, “The objective of a school picture is to showcase students looking their best, not to draw attention to a crazy shirt. It’s best, therefore, to avoid patterns like checks, polka-dots and florals, and instead keep the top in one uniform color. While a color-blocked shirt doesn’t have the distracting element of a tiny print, it can break up the visual line. Additionally, shirts with words or visible logos are also not an ideal choice. Stick to solid-colored tops that best complement your coloring, and you’ll have a yearbook look that will stand the test of time.” 

4. Get Their Teeth Cleaned

Oral care for children is extremely important, but getting them done before their photo shoot can definitely prove to be beneficial as well because if they have any stains on their teeth at all, they can hopefully be removed. Then they will have even more reason to show those pearly whites off. Also, don’t let your children be afraid to show off those braces. Years from now they will appreciate those pictures, even with the braces.

5. Remind Them That They Are Beautiful

Last but not least, remind them that they are beautiful and/or handsome. Taking school photos can be nerve wracking, so just remind them that they are killing it each and everyday and no matter what, the pictures will be great! 

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